&Rosa Clará

Bridal Week

Presentation to press and VIPs of the bridal collection for Barcelona Bridal Week. Location management, artistic and decorative management, creation of a video-artistic piece, technical production, catering management and photocall. 


La Pedrera Collection

Presentation of the exclusive “La Pedrera” collection at Casa Milà, designed by Antoni Gaudí. Production and artistic management, casting and decoration. Venue setting and management of catering and musical performance. PR management.


2000-2002 Editions

Project dedicated to new trends in fashion, urban sport and music, held in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Production management and comprehensive organisation of fashion stands at Fira de Barcelona, management and coordination of the international skate championship, halfpipe demos and concert area with the best international DJs of the time.


Photograph gallery opening event

Staging and opening of a gallery exhibition photos of women associated with an haute couture fur company at Hotel Majestic. Staging proposal and execution.



Organisation and management of the Munich Summer.cat market during the three years that this event has been held in Barcelona. Study and adaptation of the venue, printing and decorative work.


Pasarela de Moda

Organisation of Circuit: a fashion show held in Barcelona and a platform for emerging designers: Josep Font, Miró Jeans, Vivienne Westwood (retrospective), David Delfín, Edenlun, Divinas Palabras and Locking Shocking, among others.