&Petit comité

Small-format presentations and meetings

For VIP clients, for your communication actions or to unite your team, we can create select experiences and at petit comite, taken care of in detail and with all security measures to guarantee the safety.


Gifts with company and brand values for customer loyalty

To surprise the customers and media with a special action that makes them feel the values ??and the essence of the brand. Receiving a gift at home that transmits and get empathy and closeness to the brand.


Different formats for Company celebrations

If we can’t celebrate the summer party or the Christmas party, we could bring the party to the office or prepare a virtual party with a DJ or live music through Zoom. These and many more ideas to continue celebrating key dates with the team.


Motivational actions for the team

They have been with teleworking for a long time and injection of illusion will make the return more comfortable. Sending home some kit giving thanks for the effort, preparing surprises for when they will come back to the office, funny and personalized safety kits or any communication action to motivate and accompany the team in their reincorporation process. All so that the team continues working 100% and is motivated, strengthening their emotional bond with the company.


New product presentations

If you have a product presentation for your team, clients or media, we design the best set. We organize models, the photographer, stylist, set design… whatever you need to make the presentación successful.